EasternModel | Brand


E-Model is a brand of China assembled model founded in 2018. The English name E-Model is derived from the abbreviation of Eastern Model. It aims to bring together the oriental traditional culture technology and local talents to follow the path of Chinese ingenuity and promote the development of China's IP derivatives industry. The company has a top model creation and development team, with a series of independent capabilities from planning, conceptual design, production, manufacturing, etc., and insists on bringing more exquisite and playable model products to players.

EasternModel | History

9 2020

Officially launched the first iron man assembly model in China.

7 2020

Megaman ZERO assembly model was officially launched.

7 2019

Signed the legal license of Kapoor's classic game Megaman.

2 2019

The original IP series "a.t.k.girl" machine mother assembly model was officially launched.

5 2018

Signed the official legal license of "mobile Ultraman" issued by Yuangu Club of Japan, and launched the first legal authorized assembled movable series model in China.

4 2018

E-model was formally established.